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As we stated in this month's newsletter, we are upgrading the website and changing hosting, (to vuHosting).
For a brief period this temporary site will be displayed. The new website will online soon.

Welcome to the vuTracker Issue Tracker website

This service is currently offered as part of vuHosting's web hosting plans but will soon be available as a separate service to any interested parties.

The vuTracker Issue Tracker has three basic operating modes. These are listed below:
  1. STANDALONE: The Issue Tracker presents its default interface.
  2. INTEGRATED INTO A 3RD PARTY SITE: The Issue Tracker can receive its inputs from custom Forms and then re-format these as internal tickets. It will still present its Staff and user Ticket listing view, but has a back-reference tab to the calling page URL.
  3. WEB SERVICE: The Issue Tracker can generate pure XML instead of formatted web pages. This allows even more comprehensive integration than Mode 2.

Modes 2 and 3 exploit the Issue Tracker's real power as a middleware 'glue' layer for managing both staff and client facing communications.

For modes 2 and 3, vuWare, offers customisation services at very reasonable rates.

The main vuTracker features are listed below:
  • Staff can be assigned to ticket categories in a many-to-many relationship. Staff will then receive notifications for all tickets belonging to categories they are assigned to. Super-users can also be created who will see all ticket notifications and who will also have access to the default administrative interface.
  • All tickets are threaded, ie. The original ticket and all its responses whether by staff or user are linked together.
  • It supports optional SMS notification for Critical Tickets.
  • Staff can only view tickets assigned to them, (super-users can view all tickets).
  • Clients can only view tickets created by themselves, (and all replies).
  • Staff are allowed to modify Tickets.
  • Clients may be grouped into organisational units, where all clients belonging to that group can see all the tickets submitted by all the other clients in that group. (This feature requires a custom administrative interface).
  • Addition email addresses may be added to the notification list for any ticket, (Carbon Copy recipients). These CC recipients can also view any tickets they have been added to.
  • Tickets may be submitted with a completion date instead of a priority.
  • Tickets may be submitted with attachments.
  • Tickets categories may have sub-categories.
  • Ticket notifications are optional
  • The number of tickets to be viewed in both the open and closed lists can be selected. This prevents large numbers of tickets impacting on the display time.
  • Closed Tickets can be specified to expire after a fixed period of time, (to avoid clutter or set to never expire, the original data is still preserved in the database).
  • Notifications are generated for all ticket actions: Create, Open, Close, Modify and Reply.
  • Tickets columns are individually sortable in the default ticket listing view.
  • Employs sophisticated "anti-flooding" protection to prevent malware from hijacking the tracker to deliver large numbers of unsolicited emails.
  • Clients may request Lost Ticket information on-line.
  • It is cross-browser compatible with all of the major browsers.
  • Low licensing cost system. It requires no 3rd party licensing fees.
  • Very small resource footprint, using far less resources than an equivalent J2EE or .Net system with an order of magnitude lower processing and bandwidth overhead. (The total disk space required for the system is approx. 180 kbytes.)
  • Configuration can also be done online and saved to the database. This overrides the configuration file settings.

The vuTracker Issue Tracker was created by vuWare. We provide quality Software, Hardware and IT Design services.

vuWare can create custom software, (and hardware) solutions for any application from Robotics and Embedded Control Systems to online eCommerce Systems.

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